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Armata – The Ultimate Next Generation Main Battle Tank

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Tanks are back?

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Ever since the British introduced tanks into warfare during WW1 , replacing the horse mounted cavalry ,they have become an integral part of virtually every army in the world. With their heavy , armored bodies and powerful cannon armament, Tanks form the spearhead of any major combat on land. Their designs have rapidly evolved from slow moving hulks armed with a cannon on each side to fast moving hulks with a massive main cannon.


image A manned Abrams turret where 3 of the crew are exposed to any turret explosions.

 All the tanks in the world follow a standard design with a chassis and turret , and a main gun along with a smaller caliber secondary gun on the turret. They usually have a crew of 3-4 men. The crew includes , The gunner , commander , driver and loader. In some cases , the loader is replaced…

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F-35 : The Greatest American Gamble

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A Jack of all trades but a master of none

These words precisely suit the 5th generation gamble made by the USA and its allies.The multi billion $ F-35 program has been the target of critics worldwide ever since it got delayed and shot past its budget. Reports claim that the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) as the F-35 program is known, to be a massive failure and waste of money. People blindly agree with the critics and join the F-35 bashing bandwagon, unaware of the actual potentials and the shortcomings of the aircraft. I say that for an aircraft like this, I will have its share of Pros and Cons no matter what. I will highlight both of them for you and you can decide for yourselves whether to criticize it or support it. But whatever you do, it will be the backbone of the USAF in the future.


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Origins- Evolution of the Su-27 into an F-15 killer (Part-2)

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In my previous article here, I covered the origin and the development of the Su-27 in detail. In this article I will track the evolution of the Su-27 and its combat capabilities and we will see how it compared with its American rival, the F-15. The previous article ended with the acceptance of the Su-27 into the Soviet Air Force. It officially was still a secret fighter and now, the Soviets were ready to unveil it to the world. The details for the story and photos are sourced from the ‘Wings of Russia’ documentary which I recommend Su-27 lovers to watch. Here I have interpreted and given an analytical account of the story as well as additional information from my research.


In 1986, when the Su-27 was still an official secret, it was decided to make a special variant of it which was modified to break the word…

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Origins- How The Iconic Sukhoi Su-27 Fighter Was Born (Part-1)

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The Su-27 family is inarguably the best fighter aircraft that Russia has produced till date. These large and powerful aircraft are extremely maneuverable and can carry huge payloads over long distances. They were designed from scratch to be better than the American F-15 in all aspects. I was inspired to write about the Su-27 after watching a full feature documentary ‘Wings of Russia’ on their origins. This article will contain the story and screenshots from the video and my analysis and explanation of how the Soviets managed to develop the iconic Su-27 fighter which later spawned into the Su-30/35 and became widely popular around the world. Since there is a lot to be covered, the article is split into 2 parts.


The Sukhoi design bureau had its origins in WW2 and they have had a string of successes ever since. But after WW2 the Americans had taken a lead…

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