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US Navy Robot Swarms

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Finally it seems the US navy is understanding the value of swarm naval tactics, and interestingly advancing it with using autonomous swarm systems.

Littoral Warfare : Part-1 : Introduction

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Littoral warfare is the art of fighting a war in the areas of the sea close to the coastline, around islands, in the middle of restricted water bodies, in short, away from the deep ocean. This kind of warfare is drastically different from open ocean naval warfare.

The main reasons are:

■ The water bodies are usually confined In areas like a gulf region, island chains etc.  Since there is limited space, large vessels which have a slow speed will be ineffective.

■ Midget submarines and quiet diesel submarines can lurk in the shallow water and hide without making noise

■ Since it is close to the coast, the enemy will use fast attack boats armed with missiles. The missile attacks in a swarm cam overwhelm even the most modern air defense systems

■ The shallow waters and limited space require the use of tactics which are different from open…

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Littoral Warfare : Part 2 : US Navy’s Expensive Toys

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The US Navy realized the need to have a fleet of fast and agile vessels capable of operating in confined waters against enemy fast attack boats and diesel submarines after their long deployments in the Persian Gulf. Their fleet of large destroyers had their limitations and they had to ferry their coast guard vessels, patrol boats and minesweepers to the Persian Gulf in order to provide close protection from small enemy craft. However the bombing of the destroyer, USS Cole by a small boat filled with explosives, accelerated the development of the Littoral Combat Ship. The logic was, a slow destroyer needed time to power up and couldn’t maneuver in confined waters, whereas a fast LCS could start up and reach top speed very quickly and put itself out of danger.


   Perry class frigate

Avenger class minesweeper


Littoral Combat Ship

The LCS program aimed to develop…

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