Origins- Evolution of the Su-27 into an F-15 killer (Part-2)

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In my previous article here, I covered the origin and the development of the Su-27 in detail. In this article I will track the evolution of the Su-27 and its combat capabilities and we will see how it compared with its American rival, the F-15. The previous article ended with the acceptance of the Su-27 into the Soviet Air Force. It officially was still a secret fighter and now, the Soviets were ready to unveil it to the world. The details for the story and photos are sourced from the ‘Wings of Russia’ documentary which I recommend Su-27 lovers to watch. Here I have interpreted and given an analytical account of the story as well as additional information from my research.


In 1986, when the Su-27 was still an official secret, it was decided to make a special variant of it which was modified to break the word…

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