How spy agencies around the world used this company’s software

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I found one line in this article alarming, 35 countries were utilizing surveillance software across 97 Intelligence agencies in those 35 countries..’


Hackers who breached cybersecurity firm Hacking Team earlier this month exposed a trove of sensitive emails detailing the inner workings of the company’s clients: Government spy agencies.

The over one million emails, searchable on the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, give a rare look into how countries are using technology to spy on their citizens. The messages show how big an appetite a number of both repressive and democratic governments have for surveillance and how Hacking Team, based in Italy, was more than happy to supply the necessary software.

The firm’s clients include the Sudan’s intelligence service, a Russian arms conglomerate, as well as countries including Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Azerbaijan, according to the Associated Press. The AP report quoted a South Korean National Intelligence Service chief who said that 97 intelligence agencies across 35 countries were using the company’s spy software.

Some of the countries used Hacking Team’s flagship software to…

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