About Harinda Vidanage


I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor International Relations, Government Department, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York. I teach core course material on International Relations, Global governance, International security and global implications of Cyber politics.

I am a political scientist by training and gained my doctorate  from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2009. I was formerly the Fulbright, Scholar in Residence at the University of St. Lawrence in 2011, Prior to being at SLU, I was the Director Academic, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS) 2009 – 2011 based in Colombo. The BCIS is Sri Lanka’s premier international relations think tank. My professional experiences include appointments as adviser, International Affairs to the Sri Lankan President 2006 – 2010 and the role of consultant to the Sri Lanka Prime Minister during 2004- 2005 on international Affairs.

Stratsight.org  primarily focuses on two diverse but interconnecting global trends that are two defining features in global and national architectures in the 21st Century. These two features namely are the rise of Asia and Intense technological revolution in civil and military technology which links robotics, artificial intelligence and surveillance technologies as core technological platforms. The blog integrates my own research, scholarly interests and lesson outlines that I conduct for my students at any given time.

The objective of this blog is to develop an expanding repository from various sources on different trends related to the two themes mentioned above and to develop a discussion and a platform of ideas and debates ranging from student ideas to expert interventions.

My academic and scholarly experience include visiting faculty of politics at University of Colombo, Faculty of Graduate Studies University of Colombo, School of Social and Political Studies University of Edinburgh  and BCIS on topics pertaining to global politics, cyber politics, post modern architecture of terrorism to social theory. I examine PhD students at the Faculty of Graduate studies (FGS)  of the University of Colombo Sri Lanka.  I started my career as a journalist, political analyst and columnist for the popular Colombo based weekly ‘The Sunday Times’.

My broader research interest and publications have been on Cyber Politics and new forms of cyber terrorism. My doctoral research was on diaspora politics and the use of cyber space as a new form of political space for activism.  I am interested in research on studies in the realm of Global Cyber Politics, International security (IS) increasing relationship between technology, warfare and policy. My recent focus has been on implications of the intersection of technology, warfare, social media and the data revolution on International Relations at both policy and scholarly level.

Contact Email: cyberoutpost@gmail.com