Blog 3: Snowden revelations and its political implication


What are you observations about the points raised by Edward Snowden and what do you think the major challenges the United States will encounter because of Snowden’s revelations


One thought on “Blog 3: Snowden revelations and its political implication

    Chester Hojnicki said:
    June 13, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    After watching the video, I believe that there are two main stances when it comes to the debate on Edward Snowden and his actions. The first, I believe, is comprised of those who have complete faith in their government’s actions, and ultimately are willing to put their rights on hold for the betterment of society via government intervention in their personal lives. The second is made up of those who believe that we, as a society, should hold the government accountable for breaching the individual rights guaranteed to citizens within the constitution. Although both sides have very unique arguments, I believe that the root of this problem is largely due to the inconsistency in how we govern cyberspace, as well our lack of clarity in the defining of individual cyber rights and freedoms. During the video, Snowden talks about the type of government, and internet that we as a society seek. Ultimately, Snowden believes that our internet should be governed by the same democratic principles and freedoms that we enjoy in our everyday lives as citizens of the United States. However, a uniform internet governance system becomes increasingly difficult with the introduction of third party companies offering their services to a countless number of individuals domestically and abroad. Thus it is important to determine how the government deals with and collaborates with these third parties, and what the companies should do to ensure the privacy of their users. Snowden was critical of companies such as yahoo, and amazon for ultimately turning a shoulder to NSA activities that infringed on rights of users. A possible solution to this problem that Snowden brings up during his discussion, is the idea of encrypting every web page that users travel to on the internet. This would aid in securing the privacy of users and keep information from being accessed from outsiders. Going forward, I think that one of the biggest problems that the United States faces is whether or not other countries will be able to trust that the government is not monitoring the the activities of their citizens. As Snowden stated, the NSA had the ability to track both ends of a communication which meant that not only were US citizens being targeted, but citizens of foreign nations as well. These acts carried out by the NSA have the potential to cause other countries to side with China and Russia, who argue for a level playing field for cyber power. It will be interesting to see, as more classified documents are published, whether this will be the case.

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