Final Assignment: Group + Individual Paper

GOVT 108: Final Assignment (Group + Individual Task)

Objective: This assignment features the research exercise of the class, where you will do an individual research and reading to contribute to the group assignment and to develop your own knowledge base to respond to the essay. Thus, the exercise expects students to utilize the theoretical knowledge gained in the class and link their own findings to respond to key contemporary global issues.

How it works:

The group assignment consists of two components, the group presentation (15 Marks) and individual paper (25 Marks). Each group will get a specific theme to work on and group members will write a paper on a question related to the main theme.

The group should prepare a power point presentation; each group gets 20 Minutes for the presentation and 10 Minutes for Q&A. The group can be represented by 3 – 4 Members in the panel but the whole group has to contribute in developing the case, main themes and content that fits into the power point, if any member of the group does not contribute to this effort marks will be taken off from his/her individual total.

Groups will get some back ground information on the theme that they will tackle in the assignment and some articles important for the presentations plus individual papers will be shared with each group. There will be a group discussion session in the classroom, where groups will have the first discussion and initial planning will be done to coordinate the group task

The Individual paper will be on a specific question related to the group theme, the essay should consist of,

Word count: 2000 (5 Pages)

Line spacing: 1.5

Referencing: Any accepted technique (be consistent)

Grade: 25 Marks (25%)

Time Line (Deadlines)

Group Presentations:  25  &  27 April 2016

Individual Papers due: 20  April 2016: hard copy to be dropped in my mail box @ Hepburn 102 by 4.00 pm

Theme One.

Group Assignment: Future of American Power: Challenges and Opportunities

Individual Essay:  Challenges confronting United States leadership in global affairs in the 21st Century

Theme Two

Group Assignment: Develop an analysis into the dark side of Globalization

Individual Essay: Analyse social, political and economic consequences of globalization in the post-cold war era.

Theme Three

Group Assignment: Drone Warfare in War against terror

Individual Essay: Discuss the role Drone Warfare plays in maintaining American hegemony in the world

Theme Four

Group Assignment: Introduce key transnational terror organizations in the world and their global implications

Individual Essay: Critically analyze Terrorism as a form of political communication

Theme Five

Group Assignment: What are the consequences of Chinese Ambitions as a rising power for American Hegemony

Individual Essay: What are key factors that point out to China as an emerging global power?

Links for extra reading


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China and Asia Pacific

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American Leadership

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Group Presentation Grading Rubric


Criteria Quality
(5/5) (4/5) (3 or 2/5) (1 or 0/5)
Quality of Outline/ content (5 marks) The content is very relevant for the strengthening of your argument and clearly structured The content is relevant for the argument and well structured The content is not that relevant to the argument The content and the argument have no connection
Engaging Key themes(5 marks) The presentation engages with the theme where the group demonstrates important insights from readings The presentation engages with the key theme but not critically engaging with the readings The presentation does not clearly engage with the key theme but refer to some readings The presentation lacks clarity and focus and do not clearly link with the readings
Analysis and Making connections(5 marks) The group makes a clear argument and provides a clear analysis of the theme The argument is clear, the analysis lacks depth The argument is clear but no clear analysis Both the argument and analysis lacks clarity