Essay 1

Essay Title: Is International Cooperation a false promise?

Word Count: 2000 Words

Due: 30 September 2015 (Submit via email by Midnight)

Marks: 20

Read the three articles by two prominent IR theorists of our time on International Organizations and International Cooperation. The essay question is based on reading two strands of theories on International organization Realism and Liberalism

Your essay may include the following types of analysis,

  • In your essay you can take a position you can agree with realist assumptions or you can agree with the Liberals but you need to clarify your argument and introduce examples to support you case
  • You can take a middle ground and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both articles
  • You can even be critical of both theories and bring out an argument that both these theories are not helping to explain international cooperation based on your understanding

Readings: 1) False Promise of International Institutions

2) International institutions: Can interdependence work?

3) The promise of Institutionalist theory



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