Essay 2

Essay Topic: Discuss the impact of Non State Actors in global governance, focusing on two groupings of Non State Actors discussed in the text book in chapters 22 to 29.

Essay Objective: To understand the role played by Non State Actors in shaping and affecting shifting patterns of global power in international relations and governance.

Word count: 2000 (6 ) Pages

Grade: 20 Marks (20%)

Deadline: 24 November 2015 (Midnight) Submit via email,

You may use external sources that you determine are relevant to your argument

The essay could include,


  • A Broad understanding of the role Non State Actors plays in influencing global governance from decision making to norm creation


  • You could develop an argument to indicate the importance of NSAs in fulfilling complex challenges to governance where states are struggling to deliver services.


  • You can develop a deep critique of how NSAs are circumventing state prerogatives and has managed to create narrow agendas for their own advantage


  • You can take a mini-case study approach if you can find some external sources onto operations of a selected group of NSA such as an NGO or Private Military company and extensively discuss the pros and cons of their operations and how they shape and challenge global governance