Group Assignment II

Group Presentations

8 December 2015

Grade: 15%


Group 1

Focusing on chapters 40 and 41 Discuss the importance of global trade and financial governance while identifying challenges in these two important sectors. You can refer to outside knowledge on global trade, finance using institutions, agreements and examples of ongoing trade negotiations and critiques of existing institutional arrangements



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Group 2

Refugee crisis is emerging as a major global governance challenge to States, International organizations, Non State Actors from framing policies of border management, diaspora/refugee integration, the safety of vulnerable groups, managing conflict to offering Humanitarian aid. Use chapter 50 as an anchor to develop a presentation to discuss the impact of coping with refugee situations by focusing on a single or multiple mini- case studies into current refugee crises. you can refer to the current refugee crisis in Europe and do some research on it.


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Group 3

Sustainable development has become a buzzword among global communities in treating development as an organic process whereby protecting and enhancing capacities of states to both create social progress in a more responsible manner, use chapter 46 in your text book as a launching pad to discuss the challenges of creating sustainable development policies both in local and domestic context. You can do some secondary research as a group to develop a critical presentation



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Grading Rubric


Criteria Quality
(5/5) (4/5) (3or2/5) (1 or 0/5)
Quality of Outline/ content (5 marks) The content is very relevant for the strengthening of your argument and clearly structured The content is relevant for the argument and well structured The content is not that relevant to the argument The content and the argument have no connection
Engaging Key themes(5 marks) The presentation engages with the theme where the group demonstrate important insights from readings The presentation engages with the key theme but not critically engaging with the readings The presentation does not clearly engage with the key theme but refer to some readings The presentation lacks clarity and focus and do not clearly link with the readings
Analysis and Making connections(5 marks) The group makes a clear argument and provides a clear analysis to the theme The argument is clear, the analysis lacks depth The argument is clear but no clear analysis Both the argument and analysis lacks clarity